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Welcome to a Special Edition of Academic Advisor

This issue of Academic Advisor is focused on Reality 2016—the vision for the future of HIM education and the profession developed by AHIMA’s Council for Excellence in Education (CEE). Reality 2016 is the successor to “Vision 2016: A Blueprint for Quality Education in HIM,” published in 2007. Vision 2016 provided key priority areas and suggestions for the future of HIM education. Over time, Vision 2016's agenda has been refined through feedback from the AHIMA practice and HIM academic communities. This issue of Academic Advisor will highlight the tenets of Reality 2016, what it is and is not, some of the research on the industry and the profession that informs this vision.

These are Reality 2016's basic initiatives:

  • Increase the number of HIM professionals who hold graduate degrees
  • Associate degree specialty tracks
  • Faculty and member development
  • Increase the workforce with additional qualified professionals

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Learn More, Earn More—Respect, Opportunities, and Compensation

As healthcare reform transforms the use of health information technologies, the need for timely, accurate, and secure data continues to increase. It is our responsibility as HIM educators to prepare our students to meet both the present and future needs of healthcare providers in order to improve patient care and reduce costs. Reality 2016 is an AHIMA initiative intended to provide some of the necessary structure and resources to help our academic community move forward and allow our students to become better prepared for the new and exciting careers of the future.

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15 Frequently Asked Questions

Why Reality 2016? What are the benefits and the risks? What type of faculty development might be offered? We have compiled 15 of the most frequent questions and answers about Reality 2016.

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Myths and Realities About Reality 2016

Here are some facts: Associate and bachelor degree programs are not going away, as they are both important career paths leading to advanced education. We are not mandating change, but expanding the number of options. If you want to understand more about how Reality 2016 will affect associate and bachelor degreed individuals, educational programs, program directors, and how it relates to lifelong learning, we have the facts, right here.

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Forums for Discussion

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AHIMA Leadership Symposium
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July 21-25
Assembly on Education Symposium/Faculty Development Institute
Orlando, FL

October 1-3
AHIMA Convention & Exhibit
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Online Survey
Now that you have read about Reality 2016, we would like to hear what you think of the proposal. Please follow this link to a short feedback survey.